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Frequently asked questions

What are the additional costs when purchasing a freehold property?


  • NOC Charges
  • Transfer charges
  • Brokerage fees
  • Mortgage registration charges and trustee office fees


What are the charges for issuing a contract?


  • Administration Fees ( as applicable)
  • Security Deposit-average one month’s rent
  • In the event the property is furnished the security deposit will be higher than normal
  • Ejari Fee paid by the tenant in Dubai/ Tawtheeq fee paid by tenant in Abu Dhabi


What are the documents required when purchasing a freehold property from secondary market?


  • Listing form signed by the buyer agreeing on budget and fees etc.
  • Passport Copy + Visa Page
  • Copy of Emirates ID
  • MOU ( memorandum of understanding) to be executed by the seller and the buyer
  • Pre-approval from the bank ( if financing applies)


When renting a property through MPM, how long is the offer letter valid for?


  • Personal Contracts – 3 days,
  • Governmental Contracts – 7 days.


What are the documents required for renting a property?


If it is a Personal Contract?



  • Passport copy + visa + emirates ID ( for tenant and spouse )
  • Marriage certificate
  • Salary certificate or 3 month bank statement


If it is a Government Contract?



  • Passport copy + visa + emirates ID


If it is a Company Contract?



  • Trade license/ NOC from employer
  • Occupants passport copy / marriage certificate
  • Authorized signatory passport copy + visa + emirates ID
  • Power of attorney ( if applicable )