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For Suppliers/Contractors

MPM endeavours to process and pay valid tax invoices received from suppliers within our contractually committed payment terms or within our standard payment terms from date of valid tax invoice in the absence of any formally agreed contractual payment terms.

In order to help us to achieve our aim, we need the help of our suppliers to raise and submit invoices containing correct information / references and in a manner aligned to our processes, so that we can then process the invoice for checking and approval in a timely and efficient manner. Invoices that do not contain the correct information / references and that are submitted outside of our processes (outlined below) are liable to be returned to you, or require additional effort and investigation, which can easily be avoided by adhering to the process outlined below.

The intention of this guide is to provide effective guidance to suppliers on our invoice payment process in order to enable our suppliers to help us to prevent any avoidable delays in processing their valid tax invoices.

         Invoice Submission Guide
Invoice Submission Guide