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Strategic Development

Our strategic development advice goes in hand in​ hand with our research capability and the primary market data we generate through our day to day involvement in managing a portfolio of over 23,500 units across the UAE.

Our advice is founded u​pon our in depth knowledge of the local market ensuring that our strategic advice is both credible and reliable.

Services include:

  • Highest & best use studies
  • Financial feasibility studies
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Development appraisals & strategy
  • Project concept / design critique
  • Market reports & analysis

If you are contemplating moving ahead with a development project, the key questions we can answer for you include:

  • What is the best use for the land that will maximize value?
  • How should the development be positioned in the market?
  • What is the main competition (current and in the development pipeline)?
  • What are the key demand drivers for the development?
  • What is the likely profile of potential buyers or tenants and what are their key requirements?
  • What rental or sales revenue will the development achieve?
  • Is the proposed development financially feasible?
  • What is the most appropriate sales or leasing strategy to maximize financial returns?
  • What is the optimum timing for selling and what are the risks?
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